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Monday, March 3, 2014

WEBSITE NEWS: Looking for Daily News Contributors!

We at Superhero Movie News are currently slightly under staffed on the day-to-day movie news updates...AND WE NEED YOU!

We don't have many rules to abide by when applying to be a editor here but there are some:

1. Exclusives or Editorials must be run through Caleb Williams the Editor-in-Chief

2. Must have some form of experience with Digital Journalism or Blogging.Preferably experience with Blogger or Wordpress.

3. We expect at the very least (But subject to change) x4 Articles during a 7 day work week...But your welcome to write as many as you like!

4. Use good Grammar and Spelling. Obviously.

5. If you login to write an article and see another Editor already writing on a Topic/News you were about to write obviously you must stop and choose another.
(If I see two the one that was published first will stay and the other will be deleted)

6. All positions are Freelance so make sure you have fun with it! It's not a job it's an experience. But this does mean if you need a "Letter of Recommendation" written for future websites we can provide that.

If you are still interested in applying to work for Superhero Movie News for FREE but to also have a great fun experience contact Caleb Williams ( with your skills!

Also on Twitter for quick communication if you have any questions!

:: Disclaimer :: Superhero Movie News is run by volunteer contributors. If we are asked to take down anything we will and it will not be put back up after that.....No questions asked. Visit our COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN REQUEST Page for details.

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