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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Mandarin Not Dead? Ben Kingsley Working with Marvel Again!

Today during the press rounds for Enders Game the discussion on The Mandarin came up with Sir Ben Kingsley. As some of you are aware that he was marketed as The Mandiran up until the premiere of the film then in a film twist he turned out to be a junkie actor Trevor Slattery and not the actual Mandarin. As you can also see in the film Trevor never gets killed just arrested.

Now during his press junket via Belfast Telegraph he reveals he is currently working on a secret Marvel project?!
"It's a secret Marvel project. I'm not allowed to say any more, you're going to have to wait and see,"
When a reporter asked Marvel Head Kevin Feige about this secret project he declined to comment.

:: Mini Update :: - 
While on Reddit this story popped up and saw an interesting rumor. That Trevor breaks out of prison and ends up finding the real 10 rings (Or maybe some jewels from The Infinity Gauntlet) and becomes the real Mandarin.

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