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Thursday, October 10, 2013

'The Heat' Director Paul Feig Pitched a 'Wonder Woman' Movie

Seems yet another director has tried pitching a Wonder Woman film

Chalk this up as yet another director who attempted to pitch a Wonder Woman feature film to the powers that be at Warner Bros, Now Bridesmaids and The Heat director Paul Feig told IGN Movies his idea for a Wonder Woman film:
The idea for Feig’s film would’ve involved a Wonder Woman who “keeps hitting the glass ceiling” of the superhero world. Conceived as a lighter action-comedy, this Princess Diana of Themyscira has to contend with male heroes like Batman and Superman who are perhaps not as forward-thinking regarding their female counterpart as they should be. (I think the word “jerks” might’ve come up.) Feig compared this Wonder Woman to the suffragist Cicely Hamilton (who wrote the 1908 "feminist" play Diana of Dobson's).

I asked Feig if the tone he had in mind would’ve been more in line with, say, the Iron Man films, and he said that was the basic idea. But not surprisingly, the studio did not go for the pitch. And Feig told me that in retrospect he can see why the concept didn’t fly, as the fans can be quite protective of their characters and any changes that are made to them.
This would be yet another director turned down by WB (And for god reason in this case. Others would be Joss Whedon, Max Landis and the terrible NBC pilot from several years ago. Now demand for a Wonder Woman movie is an all time high with the recent Wonder Woman Short thats gone viral as well as WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara saying that Woman Woman "Needs" to happen.

Now whats with all these Wonder Woman stories coming up recently? Seems WB is really trying to get her in the Man of Steel Universe with the other big two. Now I got a tweet from a Marvel Employee who claims to have friends over at DC and got some info on whats going on at WB:

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