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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DEBUNKED: Star Wars: Episode VII Teaser and Title Announcement Coming Today?!

Will Lucasfilm and Disney finally drop the teaser trailer and title of Star Wars 7 today?!

Yep you heard that right folks. According to Ali Arikan who works for Dipnot TV, a Turkish news portal and one of Roger Ebert’s Far-Flung Correspondents (via About) is claiming to have some inside information from the Lucas camp. He tweeted the following:

This would indeed also confirm our Hamill, Fisher and Ford Casting Story from several weeks ago. I honestly don't know how trustworthy this source is. Was more expecting a title announcement eventually not a full blown teaser trailer!

:: Mini Update :: - For you who have doubts (I'm there with ya) apparently this guy is extremely credible when it came to rumors of the Star Wars Prequels...back in the day.

:: DEBUNKED :: - Seems this user just made yet another pointless Star Wars Rumor...
Star Wars: Episode VII hits Summer 2015

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