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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Secret Avenger Cameo Revealed in 'Thor: The Dark World' !

While searching for a more accurate English translation of the Thor: The Dark World post credit scene which can be found HERE. Came across some posts about an Avenger who pops up half way through the movie:

Confirmed by Steyin of SHH Forum

:: Massive Spoilers ::
Loki creates an illusion of Captain America who comes to Asgard to give Thor some spurious reason to return to Midgard for Avengers 2.

Why Loki wants to trick Thor into coming back to Earth is beyond me but must be answered in the film somewhere. This would lead directly into Age of Ultron and gathering back the members of The Avengers. It's interesting though given that Chris Evans didn't want to use his contract appearances on Cameos unless its a cgi version of him taken from other movies.

Thor: The Dark World is in theaters next Month!

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