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Sunday, October 13, 2013

UPDATE #2: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Re-Shoots IS For Post Credit Scene

Today has been a great day for Spider-Man fans, first we got some new photos of the awesome costume from TASM 2 and then we got the teaser trailer to the tie-in video game and now we have this.  This may come as bad news to some people or good new for others, but Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is headed to reshoots. No word on how many scenes the crew are reworking but no big time actors were spotted on set, yet. No word on why they're reshooting but a few theories are that Marc Webb wants the film to look more 'wintery'. Webb and co are filming at Cafe Select in an attempt to create a more wintery movie, the photo taken below shows the crew placing some ice constructs onto the Cafe Select logo. The filming is being done under the name 'London Calling' which was the filming name for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earlier this year. Below is a photo taken outside the Cafe from Twitter user, Jacob Ford

UPDATE: According to a member of the SuperheroHype Forums, the reshoots are not for a scene in the movie so to speak, but the scene is from the post-credit scene. A post credit scene at a Cafe? Now there're many options as to what way they could do this. One theory going around is that this post credit scene will get Peter Parker to meet Mary Jane for the first time, something I've been a fan of since Shailene was cut and the other possibility is that this could be Spidey joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A theory going around is that Spidey could bump into Nick Fury or Steve Rodgers at the Cafe, Andrew Garfield has since been spotted on set.  

UPDATE #2: A set photo has landed on Twitter from today's shoot. Look closely and you will see police cars. A user from SuperHeroHype believes that they might be reshoot some scenes for the Rhino chase and they also reported that there is shooting going on at a school campus tonight. The name of the school was not given. 

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