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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

RUMOUR: Ben Affleck Wants SEINFELD Creator Larry David To Appear In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Huh. So earlier today we received word from Latino-Review that the Wonder Woman casting was off the table, but the studio is still looking for a female lead, which is funny, because it should be Amy Adams... Because you know, it's Man Of Steel 2. But anyway, let's get even more bizarre, why don't we? According to Radar Online, a source close to production on Batman Vs. Superman has revealed that Batman actor, Ben Affleck is reportedly trying to get Curb Your Enthusiasm creator, Larry David a part in the film. Here's what the site had to say;
“The pair chatted about the idea with earnest abandon throughout the course of Emmy weekend. Larry has long been courted by the big budget superhero industrial complex, being linked to roles in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man sequels nearly a decade ago. But Ben is somebody he trusts and enjoys spending time with and this could be the right situation for Larry to finally appear in a huge-grossing hit film. Fun speculation that it could be for the famed Superman enemy role of Mister Mxyzptlk could make this piece more exciting, since Larry is a dead ringer for the character. Ben and his personality are taking over this whole production — he could come out of this with a producer credit."
Interesting... While I'm all for weird castings, because I generally feel they work the best. It'd be a bit strange seeing Larry David as Alfred or something like that. But would I buy it? If Alfred was going to be a grumpy old dude... Done. So how do you guys feel about this? Do you believe it? 

Batman Vs. Superman hits theatres everywhere, July 1st, 2015.

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