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Monday, October 21, 2013

RUMOR: Was Ben Affleck at the 'Batman vs Superman' Filming?

The other day Zack Snyder had a not-so-secret secret filming of his upcoming superhero flick Batman vs Superman. This wasn't anything special just the filming of two fictional colleges in the DCU facing off for a couple plays.

The main cast wasn't even there given that Henry Cavill is currently working on The Man from U.N.C.L.E co-starring Armie Hammer. With Ben Affleck in St. Louis filming a separate movie. Now a recent rumor is circulating that Ben Affleck filmed a pre-game scene in the Gotham U locker room? was first to get this e-mail but wrote it off as a false rumor.

Now Collider has ran the same exact rumor from the same exact guy! Sketchy huh?
As I was walking out to the restroom before the game. I ran into this very nice man who knew one of the players that were the extras on the Gotham home team. He said that Ben Affleck was indeed there. How does he know this? Because the extra he knew filmed a scene with Affleck earlier that day in the locker rooms before the crowd started arriving. He said the the scene was about Bruce Wayne giving a motivational speech to the team!
For one why would Bruce Wayne need to motivate a college team in the first place? Also, why should we believe a rumor about a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from an extra? The fact this person sent it to multiple news outlets is weird in of itself.

Anyway I happen to agree with Batman-News but take this how ever you like!

Batman vs Superman hits July 2015

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