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Friday, October 11, 2013

UPDATE #3: Rumor Jamie Bell is our Possible 'Ant-Man' ?

Is young actor Jamie Bell the one in the Ant-Man suit from last week?

Last week Director Edgar Wright posted a photo of the Ant-Man suit surrounded by Blue Screens. Most news sites (Ours Included) reported that the image was actually from the Test Footage back in 2012. Now keep in mind Edgar Wright himself never stated this, it was just assumed. He wrote with the image:

Now a new report is coming from a IMDB User who is in contact with someone claiming to be working on a new Edgar Wright project. She mentions to the users its a lot of Blue Screens (Above) and that Jamie Bell (Jumper, Man On A Ledge)  is the actor on set:

I have a friend who is a Costume designer/Set designer and she sent me this text yesterday.

Her: "Oh my god, working with Billy Elliot today!"
Me: "Jamie Bell?"
Her: "Yeah, swoon!"
Me: "Wicked what film you working on?"
Her: "Screen tests for Edgar Wrights new film"

I continued to ask her if it was Ant-man but she had no idea she said it was mostly blue screen work and she was just there for costume fittings. And she doesn't know what Ant-man is. I'll try and get more from her.

I believe her though, she recently worked on World War Z and I visited her in Glasgow when she was working on it, and the new Muppets sequel.
The user also provides the designers Linked Profile HERE

I also don't believe if Marvel is trying to keep it a secret that they would go and tell every single person working on the pre-visual shots what its for especially a costume fitter. Now this is all subjective but I was recently was watching AMC Movie Talk with Jon Campea the other day and he theorized that the image isn't from the Test Footage either. That its the actual Actor in the suit that Marvel has already hired for Ant-Man.

But again take this however you like....Take with a grain of salt until an official announcement from Marvel. The real question is Jamie Bell Hank Pym or Scott Lang?!

 :: UPDATE :: - Jamie Bell was in LA Last Week!

 :: UPDATE #2 :: - 
 I spoke a little with the user via the IMDB board. He claims that his friend was only flown into LA for a maximum of 3 days for this costume fitting and has since left.

Well I spoke to her yesterday and she's not there anymore she's back in London working on something else. She was only in LA for 3 days.

She was busy so i didnt get much out of her apart from she wasn't on the set she just saw it, and she made adjustments to some costumes then a few days later her and her team left.

Last thing I asked was if she is going to be working on the film when filming starts and she wasn't sure.
:: UPDATE #3 ::
The User contacted me through IMDB via PM and the costume fitter Olivia contacted her friend on IMDB requesting he delete the post at the request of her company. Apparently they may return in November for more screen tests possibly? So may be expect a shortlist of others added to the list with Jamie Bell? Who knows! The plot thickens....

Ant-Man hits Summer 2015

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