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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

REVIEW: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - "0-8-4"

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – “0-8-4“- Review

Was the second episode of Agents of SHIELD an improvement? Yes. Does it still need improvement? Absolutely.

Continuing from last week’s conclusion, Agent Coulson and the team travel to an ancient temple site in Peru to check out a “0-8-4” which means an “object of unknown origin”. The last 0-8-4 that SHIELD has contained was a certain “hammer”, wink. 

This episode had its ups and downs but one major down is AGAIN the Fitz/Simmons character arc. Another week, another set of scientific ramblings. You have to agree when Ward says throughout the episode “ENGLISH!” At times watching this episode I think why aren’t both of these characters just ONE character.

Agent Melinda May was definitely a scene stealer in this episode, great scenes and one liners that made her such an awesome character to watch. She clearly has a dark past with being called “The Calvary” and I hope the writers bring a great background story for her.

Coulson’s past with the Peruvian comendante Camilla Reyes was a great addition to this episode. Hearing more about Coulson’s previous experience in the field was satisfying, but the sexual tension between them seemed kind of forced. Am I the only one still curious about the cellist from Portland?

One major developing storyline I’m still curious about is “The Rising Tide”.  We clearly know that Skye is hiding something major from the team. The question’s the episode brought were simple. Even though now she is now a “consultant” and a fish out of water in the world of espionage, the question is will she betray or help them and what does Coulson know about Skye. (Even if that’s her real name.)

The second episode of Agents of SHIELD definitely brings the series focus into view. With great sequences of action and thrill, certain tidbits still need improvement. Will I continue to watch? Of course! Even though the show has flaws, it’s still awesome.

I rate this second episode 85/100

For anyone who hasn’t seen the episode stayed tuned after the episode for a special “Avengers” cameo. It’s hilarious!

Check out what's happening in Episode 3 below. 

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