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Thursday, October 10, 2013

REVIEW: ARROW Season 2 Premiere - "City of Heroes"

Yes, Yes, YES!!! It is a new day in Starling City. The second season premiere of ARROW begun with a bang, well a sky dive if you want to be technical. Picking up weeks after the Undertaking at the end of Season 1, Oliver is found by Felicity and Diggle on the island of Sian Yu, the island where he spent five years of his life. Diggle and Felicity convince Oliver to come back to Starling City to save his family’s company, but little does he know that the City and the people he fought for have changed.

For a season premiere, this first episode brought the action and suspense, but also heart. There was a moment in the episode when Thea finally accepted her mother’s crimes and saw everything from her point of view that really brought it home for me. Even though during the first season Thea was a bit of a pain in the “you know where” and spoiled brat, but she has begun to mature into a responsible adult. Thea’s relationship with Roy Harper is definitely a constructive one. Viewers of the show can see that they need each other, rather them just being in a relationship just for the heck of it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Oliver and Laurel decided to be friends rather than be in a relationship in respect for Tommy. Oliver has a lot on his shoulders and being in a relationship with Laurel will only be a distraction. Only now, Laurel is now starting to exhibit features of her father, vowing to catch the Hood and bring him justice, definitely a boner killer for Oliver.

The three way relationship between Oliver, Felicity and Diggle is a well formed one. Felicity standing up to Oliver was definitely a change for her character, and another change was her wardrobe, She was looking mighty hot last night. Who wasn’t fanning themselves just watching her…..Just me, okay.

The first episode of Arrow’s second season is definitely one to remember. As a fan of the show myself I excited to see more next week. Summer Glau.....YASS! From Black Canary (who was not “fanboy”ing during that scene) to the Flash, this season has promise and continues to grow as DC shows in the past did not. Bring on Episode 2!!! 

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