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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Michael B. Jordan Has Been Cast as Johnny Storm in 'The Fantastic Four'!

Well this has been just a wild night! The awesome guys over at Schmoes Know has exclusively revealed that Micheal B. Jordan (Chronicle) will team up once again with director Josh Trank as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch!
Greetings Schmoeville!

And holy shiz, let’s just get right to it, shall we? We here at SCHMOES KNOW have learned, exclusively, from a very trusted source within our ranks that MICHAEL B JORDAN has just signed on the dotted line for Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch.

Through our source within Michael B Jordan’s agency, it’s confirmed that he has, in fact, signed on to appear as the Human Torch. So, the many rumors saying he was interested in the part were, well, I guess they were correct!

This really shouldn't come as much surprising given Variety scoop last week said he was the only actor in the running for the role anyway! Some of you may be upset by this casting decision due to his ethnicity but come on? He is a very charismatic actor! Exactly what we need in a Johnny Storm. Now the shortlist for Sue Storms are all Caucasian so hopefully the team behind the new Fantastic Four give a really great back story on how these two became brother and sister. Most likely adoption but their back story better be some deep profound thing to make them extremely close.

This will also take Jordan out of the running for Star Wars: Episode VII but that has not been confirmed just assumed.
The Fantastic Four hits March 2015

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