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Friday, October 11, 2013

Massive Details on 30-Min Look at 'Thor: The Dark World' Sneak Peek

Some Chinese viewers got a sneak peek at Thor: The Dark World

Today Thor Movies Tumblr posted a Chinese-to-English Translation of a 30-Min Preview Sneak Peek of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World! Note this translation may have grammatical errors due to Google Translate:

Just now watched a 30-min clip, here are all I noted down. Because this clip is composed of many smaller clips, so the plot is not consistent.
It begins with cuffed loki in Asgard. Guards escort loki to Odin’s throne, frigga tells loki not to repeat his mistakes. Loki retorted what is “repeat”. To punish loki, Odin will locked him permanently in the dungeon and tell him Thor will be the king.
Then the scene cut to Thor and warrior three fighting in a village, thor and siff having a banter, siff shields an arrow with her shield. Then is the part in premiere: thor smashes the stoneman (sorry I don’t know his name).
Thor and Hemdell (did I spell it right?), at the end of the bifrost, watching stars, talking.
Cut to London, jane is dating a man. All of a sudden Max (i.e. Darcy?) breaks in and tells jane her machine is active again. A TV nearby is reporting news that professor Silwig is streaking naked in the Stonehenge (with mosaic), and then taken by police.
Back in the dungeon, loki shouts to his mom “he’s not my father!”. Frigga asks him “so I am not your mother, either?” loki tries to be calm, and replied unemotionally “you are not”. Frigga reaches out, loki reached out, too, trying to hold mom’s hands, and finds it’s just a simulacrum, not real.
Jane and her internship go to police to pick up professor. When they three come out, the birds in the sky disappear. They don’t know what happed when crowds of birds come out of the earth, at their feet. Professor says this world is crazier than he is.
Captives from the village and loki are all locked in their cells. One of the captives with a hammer suddenly drags out some thing at his belly and transformed, other prisoners in the same cell basically all dead. He breaks out and release other prisoners with killing a lot of Asgardian soldiers. He passes loki’s cell, their eyes meet for a while, and loki tells him “you’d better go the left stairs” when he passes. The escaped monster then destroys Asgard’s shiled (or something like that).
Dark elves’ airship invading Asgard, and Asgardians launching antiaircraft guns to fight the airship. And the leader of dark elves (Malakath, is that the name?) successfully breaks through the palace. (after that, it seems it IS him who kills frigga, but that clip did not air)
Thor and Warrior Three, Hemdell having a secret council of war, talking about taking jane out of Asgard. They find only loki knows the secret pass, so Thor goes to loki. Siff saves jane, and jane slaps loki when she sees him. Hemdell making a diversion. They are spotted by guards, Siff stays to hold them. Siff put a sword to loki’s neck and warns him “if you betray him, I will kill you”, before they leave. They come to the airship (Maleketh’s), the fat one of warrior three (sorry can’t remember his name) stays to block the soldiers, and loki again is warned by the fat one.
Loki, Thor and Jane on the airship, and then jane passes out. Thor and loki teasing all the way. In the end, the three of them jump out of the airship and jump into a consort (the skinny one of warrior three is there). Loki drive it to the secret pass.
They arrive at the dark world, planning to meet the dark elf (to negotiate?) Loki asks thor to loosen the handcuffs. Thor just did, loki draws out a knife and stabs him. Thor rolls down hillside, loki follows him and kicks him in the head. Thor calls for hammer, loki cut off thor’s right hand (bone is plainly visible).
The original Chinese Article can be found HERE.

Thor: The Dark World hits North America November 8th!

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