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Friday, October 25, 2013

DEBUNKED: Is Vin Disesl Signed to Play Both Groot and Thanos in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' ?!

Yesterday James Gunn posted a random tweet saying "The Contracts for Groot and Thanos are signed...". Then quickly deleted the tweet. We all knew that Vin Diesel (Fast and Furious 7) was voicing Groot the tree man hero in Guardians of the Galaxy....but is he also Thanos?!

We also all knew that when Vin Diesel was brought into Marvel a few months back it wasn't initially for Groot. He has said it multiple interviews it was for a Marvel movie down the line.That it was going to be a "mashing of the brands". We all thought he ment the rumored Inhumans movie. Could he have known before Comic-Con that Thanos wasn't the villain but Ultron? That Marvel was saving the big baddie all the way until The Avengers 3?

If this is all true that would explain what "down the line" movie Diesel was talking about. It also clear up his schedule to play the part sine now is a very hectic time and he only could fit in a voice acting role...

Do you think James Gunn just let slip an important secret or could it simply mean nothing?!

Thanks to @TF3100 for the heads up!

:: Mini Update :: -
Today we ran this story and within minutes it got back to director James Gunn. Who is currently playing dumb about how this tweet never took place. If Marvel Studios saw he made the announcement that an actor has been chosen for Thanos without their consent obviously they were the ones who told him to delete it. So why would he admit to the tweet a day later? We are not saying Vin is actually Thanos BUT we do know Thanos HAS BEEN CAST!

:: Update #2 ::
I will admit the fact the director so quickly debunked this report leads me to believe it may indeed be Photoshopped.  Take it how ever you like but I guess you can mark this up as debunked. Also, like to point out it does not have the verified twitter sticker either...

Guardians of the Galaxy hits next summer!

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