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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gotham City & Metropolis Football Jerseys From BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Land Online!

Earlier this week it was revealed that Batman Vs. Superman would begin filming this weekend in LA. The filming was confirmed to be at Weingart Stadium, home of the Los Angeles College football team. Batman-News have exclusive photos showcasing the two jerseys of the playing teams. One side Gotham, the other Metropolis. The interesting this is that both teams playing are college teams, to my understanding, Victor Stone (better known for his other identity, Cyborg) played for Metropolis, but that was only in the DC Comics New 52. Batman-News also revealed that the filming would only be for 20 minutes, unlike Christopher Nolan's football scene for The Dark Knight Rises, which took one full day to film. You can check out the photos below and you can head over to for all the latest in Batman movie news!

You can head down to the filming of Batman Vs. Superman this weekend during halftime when ELAC battle Victor Valley College at the Weingart Stadium!

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