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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Fangasm Cast Interview!

We got a chance to interview the cast of Fangasm from the Syfy channel, just in time before Stan Lee's Comikaze this Novemmber!

Question for Dani:
With Fangasm coming to an end what is the next step for you? Do you plan on someday becoming a movie makeup artist? 

"I'm not sure what my next step is! Some opportunities are definitely opening up for me. I'm continuing my freelance makeup work, but I've always been interested in acting I might give it a try".

Question for Molly: 
What's the side of you that the public doesn't see on Fangasm?

"I think that Fangasm shows my more rough and bristly side. While I don't DENY being a bit of an overachiever, braggart, and a tad egotistical, I am also a good friend and a very fun person - I just happen to be exceptionally motivated, and I have a lot of living under my belt for most 24 year olds. We had SO MUCH FUN as a house, and thus far in Fangasm I haven't seen good examples of my weirdness - our improv games, me acting like a cat and rolling around the floor, my unrelenting best friendship with Kristin. I think public perception of me is that I'm kind of a b*tch - but while I speak what's on my mind and have no filter, I have a VERY big heart for the people that I love."

Question for Paul: 
Would you remove Star Trek out of existence if it meant saving the lives of your fellow interns?

"One of my all time favorite movie quotes came straight from the mouth of
the great Mr. Spock in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”… It stated, that
“the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few… or the
one.” Now here’s where the question gets tricky! The needs of the many
(every Trekker in the known world), the few (the interns I lived with), and
the one (myself), all have certain obligations that must be met. If I am to
listen to Spock, I must be willing to give up the lives of the interns in
order to maintain peace in the universe, but if I take the illogical path, I
must save the interns since I love them very much. Even more complicating is
that I feel like if Andrew lived without Star Trek, it wouldn't be living at all for him! Well I've always related to Kirk more
than Spock anyways and I feel like Kirk does whatever Kirk wants for the
people he cares about, so since I love my roommates so much I’d have to
save their lives and remove Star 
Trek from my life. Live long and prosper
good buddies."

Question for Sal: 
If you could go back and change one thing you did on Fangasm, what would it be? 

"Lots of people have told me I should have done things differently as far as courting Dani was concerned, that flirting like a 12 year old wont work on any woman. Well, I respectably disagree. I wouldn't have changed my flirting tactics with Dani because how I flirt is part of who I am, and I'm not about to change that for anyone. No, if I could go back and do one thing differently, I would have hugged Stan when I was in his office. I was told not to, but honestly, a Stan Lee hug might have just been worth whatever punishment I would be dealt afterwords."

Question for Andrew: 
We know the touching story of how you became a Trekkie. But what inspired your passion of stand up comedy?"

"The thing that made me want to do stand up was listening to Jerry Seinfeld's comedy album "I'm telling you for the last time." When Star Trek wasn't on tv there was a hole that I didn't know what to fill with. And then I'd listen to Seinfeld's album. It helped me get over being bullied, things that use to bother me no longer bothered me. And through comedy I discovered Monthly Python, Mel Brooks, Andy Kauffman, and I realized that I was funny and all I had to do was be myself. When I first tried comedy, I tried to copy Seinfeld but through the names I just mentioned I started to be myself and that's when I truly started to be funny."

Question for Mike: 
Did you ever expect to one day be in a television show? How has that experience changed your outlook on life?

"Well I've been working in the entertainment industry for a long time so I was kinda hoping that I'd end up on some TV show. The experiences have been amazing it's really changed the way that I look at geek culture and how I look at different fandoms. I have so much more appreciation for this subculture I'm lucky enough to be a part of."

Season's over guys! You can meet the cast at Stan Lee's Comikaze November 1-3! Get your tickets NOW at!

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