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Friday, October 25, 2013

Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT Finds Its Star In Travis Fimmel

Last night on Channel 9 here in Australia, I was pleased to watch Duncan Jones' brilliant film, Moon. The film starred Sam Rockwell and it was, and still is, my favourite space related movie of this century.  But enough about the past, let us move to the future. Variety reports that the star of The History Channels' Vikings, Travis Fimmel has been cast in the lead role in the highly anticipated film adaptation of the popular video game. I haven't seen Vikings, so I can't really have any say on this casting, but the dude looks masculine? If that's a good thing? I don't really know, but the word around the web is that he's a decent actor. Here's the report from Variety;

After a lengthy search, Legendary Entertainment has found its leading man for the upcoming adaptation of “Warcraft,” tapping Travis Fimmel to star. No formal offer has been presented yet but sources say he is their guy for one of the four leads in the film. Fimmel is the star of History Channel’s “Vikings,” which is currently in production on season two
So with this piece of potential casting news, are you excited for Duncan Jones' Warcraft? After two awesome films to his name (Source Code & Moon) I find it hard to believe anyone doesn't have faith in the very talented young man. Now all we need is Sam Rockwell to join the cast, and I'll be there midnight. 

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