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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anthony Daniels Jokes About Returning for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

This past weekend was the New York Comic-Con. During a Q&A with actor Anthony Daniels he jokes about Star Wars 7. We all know Anthony Daniels is the only actor to play the lovable but yet annoying droid C-3PO with his trusty companion R2-D2:
Audience member: You’re the only actor who did all six movies.
AD: Yeah. I’m the only one who did all six movies.
Audience: And maybe seven?
AD: That was sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. There was a “Clones War” movie, I think, I’m not sure about that. I lose track. Yes, I’m the only actor to be in all seven, because either people died or they got—
[Audience gasps]
AD: Six, whatever!
AD: I didn’t mean it. [Daniels looks up, and begins speaking to George Lucas at the imaginary hidden cameras.] I was just teasing them! All right, I’ll see you later then
He could just be messing with us! But honestly can you see anyone else as C-3PO?

Star Wars 7 is expected for 2015!

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