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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yes, Nightcrawler WAS Going to be in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

It seems that Nightcrawler was once again suppose to be in a X-Men movie!

One of the most talked about possible cameos for X-Men: Days of Future Past was Nightcrawler. Many fans myself included wanted Alan Cumming to reprise the role he made famous in X2: X-Men united. We never really got an answer from Bryan Singer about Nightcrawler since he went ahead with Blink instead. Now Alan Cumming has come out to tell Belfast Telegraph that he was suppose to return! But couldn't due to scheduling conflicts....
"There was a time when it was maybe going to happen, but I wasn't available so it didn't happen. But I'm not dying to get back into all that make-up and be dangling from wires and having a tail."

Seems he really didn't want to sit through all the make-up commitments. It also seems that if Singer easily wrote out Nightcrawler for Blink it may have been JUST for the Future Past part of the film and wasn't a big enough role anyway for Cumming. He does go onto say he loved working on the first film:
"I really loved that film that I was in, don't get me wrong, I thought it was a great film, but it wasn't my favorite experience of my life."

Then they asked him if he would do it again he responds:
"If they did ask me, I would give it a go."

Not sure why Singer didn't recast Nightcrawler or use a body suit like the Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is using. It would cut down on the whole makeup process. But never-the-less Nightcrawler was originally suppose to be in the film but has since been replaced by Blink aka Fan Bing Bing.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits Summer 2014!

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