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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Women Rule 'The Legend of Korra' Universe This Time Around!

Seems women have taken over the ruling duties of the Avatar world!

 :: Minor Spoilers ::
Seems that woman are starting to rule the Avatar world during the time of Avatar Korra. It was revealed last year via legend of Korra interactive game that Zuko and assuming Mai had a daughter. Co-Creator Bryan Kinetzko didn't reveal until recently out of no where that she is actually the current Firelord (Lady?) and General Iroh (Voice by Dante Basco) is her son; the grandson of Zuko.

He also mentions who rules the Earth Kingdom as well!
"There are women world leaders in the Avatar world during Korra's present: Zuko's daughter is the Fire Lord, and there is an Earth Queen ruling the Earth Kingdom,"
 No idea why he came straight out and answered the question so early in the season but seems that woman have taken over the Avatar universe from Avatar Korra to Chief Bei Fong and now Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation Queens! 

As for the Water Tribe they have gone to a World Tribe Council...
"As for Katara, there is no separate chief in the Southern Water Tribe: both tribes are officially ruled by a royal descendant (currently Unalaq), residing in the Northern Tribe. Prior to the Hundred Year War, I think there was more of a link between families in both tribes feeding into this ruling family, but the tribes have drifted apart and the chief residing in the North isn't much more than a figurehead to the South."

The Legend of Korra is now playing on Nick!

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