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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warner Bros To Produce Ben Afflecks Next 3 Films after 'Batman vs Superman'

Seems Warner Bro's was out of options when it came down to picking the next Batman

Today Peter Rallis of Rallis Review posted a not really 'New' peice of information pertaining to why Warner Bros picked Ben Affleck. This news is coming from a Warner Bros security guard who told Peter's friend who told Peter. So take it with a pinch of salt:

According to the security guard WB was literally out of options for the next Batman. I guess after forcing Snyder to make 'Batman vs Superman' they must have assumed Christian Bale would come back. Obviously, that didnt happen. So they met with Josh Brolin and then the negotiations went threw. So they literally was out of options as the next Bruce Wayne. So they cut a deal with Affleck that if he would be the next Batman they would help produce his next 3 Films!
(This isn't all the surprising since most assumed this was the reason anyway)

 Batman vs Superman hits July 2015

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