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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Top Two Contenders for 'The Flash' Finally Revealed ?!

We have the possible top contenders for 'Barry Allen' on 'Arrow'

Latino-Review's @elmayimbe has dropped another scoop! It pertains to th top contenders for the role of Dr. Barry Allen on the upcoming season of 'Arrow'.  The top two contenders are

 James MacKay a unknown Australian actor next seen on Singularity.
Matt Barr who is a CW alum from the cancelled Hellcats and also seen on Hatfeilds & McCoys.

Obviously at first glace Matt Barr looks exactly what most people would expect for 'The Flash'. Ripped and how about that charisma and sarcasm?! That remains to be seen...

This is all a rumor until a press release from CW comes forth. The Flash is expected to premiere in the second half of season 2 of 'Arrow'. He will come to Starling City to investigate a villain in connection to the murder of his Mother when he was a child.

Filming for these episodes takes place September 30th so expect an official announcement anytime now!

:: UPDATE :: The THIRD contender for the role has been revealed HERE

Arrow returns this Fall on The CW

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