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Saturday, September 7, 2013

'The Tomorrow People' Robbie Amell Pitched as Bruce Wayne on 'Arrow'

Will both Amell's Crossover 'Arrow' with 'The Tomorrow People' ?!

According to several Twitter accounts Stephen Amell's from The CW's 'Arrow' seems to have pitched to CW Executives a crossover with his cousin Robbie Amell's 'The Tomorrow People' also on The CW:
When I asked where this information came from she pointed me to the PaleyFest 2013 Live Stream on AOL. According to Robbie Amell his cousin Stephen Amell of 'Arrow'  pitched the idea of crossing over 'The Tomorrow's People' with 'Arrow'. Not a literal crossover but just have Robbie Amell guest star on the show as Bruce Wayne:

> Stephen Amell pitched a crossover for Robbie on Arrow. That would be super fun
> Robbie would play a tree on Arrow if asked. 
> I think Greg Berlanti should hold him to that. 

If they even pitched a role to Robbie Amell I doubt it be Batman since the Batman family seems to be off limits beside Nightwing. And I can totally see Robbie as a Dick Grayson since Bludhaven is established in the Arrow Universe. Also, if DC is going to crossover the TV and Film universes they will already have their Batman!

If Robbie Amell was to join the cast of 'Arrow' what DC character would you want to see him play?! 

Arrow returns this Fall to The CW

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