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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stephen Amell Talks ARROW Season 2, Part 3: Emily Bett Rickards, Island Flashbacks, and Expanded Roles

The Oliver/Felicity is very popular online and in the fandom, I guess unexpectedly so for you guys...

All credit in that instance goes to Emily who, the second that she showed up on set for a one day guest star role - and I wasn’t paying much... not that I wasn’t paying much attention but this was early on a Friday, we were starting at 4 o’clock and we had to shoot this one scene before we then shifted upstairs to shoot a massive Arrow/Deadshot fight. So we had to shoot these one or two Felicity scenes and I’d met Emily and we got to chatting while we were setting up, then we get to our first take and she legitimately made me laugh. That wasn’t a false front when I see the way that she speaks – that was legitimate. She brings out something in my character that, though we didn’t know it at the time, was sorely missing. And I love working with her, I hope that dynamic continues, and there are elements of Oliver, not The Hood, but Oliver Queen that we haven’t seen yet in the present day that she’s going to be helpful with in the second season.

In terms of the island flashbacks, what can we expect from season two?

Going into the season we knew that he had spent five years on the island, but it wasn’t until episode five and the introduction of Edward Fyers and faux Deadshot that we really saw what the island could be. Now we have a really good idea of it, and I know that going into this season there’s a very specific plan for the island because it’s finite. We know we have five years to tell the story and it’s probably even more fleshed out than the present day story, so we get to see the continued dynamic between Slade, Shado and Oliver hopefully becoming more of a partnership. Because at the end of the day, they were the badasses and they were the fighters but she got taken captive by Fyers and Slade was hobbled – it was me who a) diverted the missile and b) shot Fyers in the neck with an arrow. Hopefully I become more of their equal, and I also think that it’d be interesting to see Oliver’s island world and his present day world clash this year.

Will we see characters from the island appear in present day?

That’d be awesome. That’d be really cool and, you know, it could happen at any point. It could happen in the first episode – you never know.

Were the two teams of three built intentionally to mirror each other?

I think it’s a happy accident, actually, because, while you’d like to think that all these things are planned, and I do think the writers do a wonderful job of planning, but you never know what you have in the first season of a show. I can say with a reasonable amount of confidence that Felicity was not supposed to be anything more than an IT girl – my mole at Queen Consolidated – and she took that opportunity and she ran with it, she made it hers and she made herself irreplaceable. I can’t imagine the show without Felicity. I don’t know how long Manu or Selena were supposed to be around, but everybody loves them so here they are. And here we are with the dynamic of two guys and a girl in the present day working as a team and the two guys and a girl on the island working as a team.

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