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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stephen Amell Talks ARROW Season 2, Part 2: The Hood's Transition, Red Arrow/Speedy, and Being Called "Green Arrow"

Continuing the interview Stephen Amell teases Oliver's intentions, the coming of Red Arrow and the importance of being called Green Arrow. Read more below.

Taking everything into account, will Oliver still be on vigilante duties when he comes back?

We’ve been pretty faithful on the show to the amount of time that’s passing in the real world, so we’re going to pick up the second season several months after the events of the finale – somewhere in the area of four months. When you think about it, his father’s list was a thing but it was just one of things connected to The Undertaking. The Undertaking is over - he didn’t stop it but, it’s over, it happened. So the reason that he was the vigilante is kind of redundant at the moment. If he’s going to suit up again it’s going to have to be for different reasons.

Everyone’s excited about Roy coming in – there’s obviously the double act that was forming between him and Thea, can you shed any light on the Speedy/Red Arrow issue?


...But you’re not telling me?

No. I will tell you this: Oliver had to go through five years of, as he puts it, hell to come out the other side not even a finished version of himself. The reason why we don’t call my character Green Arrow is because he’s not the Green Arrow yet – he’s The Hood. Roy and Thea have both shown that they are pretty capable people but, if one of them is going to become Speedy or Red Arrow or both or neither, they’re going to have to go through something, and I think the plan at the moment is to test them out this year in terms of – 'Okay guys, here’s your crucible. Here’s your thing that you have to go through. Now, how are you going to come out on the other side?' We’re going to test those characters this year.

You mentioned your character not being Green Arrow yet, do you foresee the show ever taking up the mantel and becoming more comic book-esque?

Well, I don’t think I’m ever going to say, 'To the Arrow Cave!' or anything like that – I don’t think we’ll ever get that campy. Though I think we did a better job as the season went along of poking fun at ourselves a little bit – you can’t take yourself too seriously. But that being said, I would love for there to be a moment somewhere down the line where I either call myself Green Arrow, or somebody else calls me Green Arrow, and I respond to it. It’d be nice to galvanise people with a name that was a little bit more inclusive than The Hood or the vigilante.

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