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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Screenwriter Drew Pearce Wants 'The Runaways' in Marvels Phase III

Drew Pearce still hoping Marvels The Runaways gets made by Phase III

It seems screenwriters most beloved scripts are always the ones put on hold. Looking at you Deadpool script. Well, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicks Deadpool script isn't the only been put on hold. Marvel's teen superhero film The Runaways was set for a Phase 1 appearance but whats put on hold. It was written by Drew Pearce who was the scribe behind Iron Man 3, Godzilla Reboot and the upcoming Mission Impossible 5!

 The Runaways is his most beloved script of all time...but it was put on hold by a little movie called The Avengers:
"We were really close to being made, and then this movie started to happen called The Avengers. Oddly, it pulled focus from the unheard-of brand Runaways, and it really did kind of consume the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's there, maybe it'll be a Phase Three movie, I really hope so, I'm really proud of it and I think it'll be a brilliant film, but I think it all depends what Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel, what his master plan is."
 Even though its highly unlikely for The Runaways to nab one of the Phase 3 spots open Pearce talks about maybe after Phase 3 they will have room:
"[Its] one of the better screenplays that's sitting on a shelf somewhere. They make two [movies] a year, but that's still at least three years down the line [until they run out of films already in progress]."
One, of the biggest questions pertaining the movie was Molly Hayes. Her power is she was born with the Mutant X gene...which obviously is a term owned by FOX. So a few weeks ago we asked the screenwriter what Marvel was planning to do with this situation

What could that terminology be? Well most people assume it would be The Inhumans race. Its even been rumored that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver origins will be The Inhumans instead of again Mutants. The Inhumans movie has been rumored as long as Black Panther but the reason it may happen in Phase III is due to Vin Diesel recent statements about almost being cast in a future cosmic movie at Marvel instead of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. We heard he was originally suppose to audition for Black Bolt for an Inhumans movie.

If this is all true maybe Marvel is waiting until after the rumored Inhumans movie for The Runaways since The Inhumans race will exist by then? So The Runaways in Phase 4?! Only time will tell...

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