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Thursday, September 5, 2013

RUMOR: Actress Ksenia play Han Solo's Daughter in 'Star Wars 7' ?!

Will a Solo be cast to play Han Solo's Daughter?!

Earlier today we brought you the story that 'Spartacus' star Liam McIntyre had read for a role of a Jedi in the upcoming Star Wars movie. Now we have another rumor that actress Ksenia Solo is apparently up for the role of Jaina Solo:
Pretty solid source telling me that Ksenia Solo is being considered for a role, potentially Solo playing the daughter of Han Solo. 
Notable previous appearances include Black Swan and Showcase's Lost Girl.

Now this is weird if a actress named Solo is cast in the role of a Solo! This comes from Jedi News UK who admit nothing is true until its confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney!

Star Wars 7 hits in the year 2015!

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