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Thursday, September 26, 2013

RUMOR: Anton Yelchin Listed as 'Reed Richards' in 'The Fantastic Four' ?

It seems Anton Yelchin has been listed as Reed Richards in the upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot?

Well let me start off by saying this isn't even really a rumor just something interesting. Today on Wikipedia it listed young star Anton Yelchin (Star Trek into Darkness) as Reed Richards in Josh Tranks upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot. Now we all know Wikipedia is a terrible place to get information but since there really hasn't been any rumors at all on the upcoming reboot thought I'd share it with you anyway.

Down on Anton Yelchin Filmography section of his page it lists him as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four Reboot:
Now let me remind you this reboot was suppose to start filming in mid-September and we haven't heard ANYTHING. No cast, No nothing. The few rumors that's been around was last year Allison Williams auditioned for Sue Storm while Micheal B. Jordon may play an African-American Johnny Storm.

Take this with a massive grain of salt but just thought I'd share with you. I again don't endorse this rumor but given we haven't heard anything maybe FOX slipped this is without anyone noticing? Who knows!

But lets not forget that Wikipedia also listed Matthew Broderick as Hank yeah.

The Fantastic Four is set to hit March 2015

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