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Friday, September 13, 2013

Possible Unused Classic 1976 'Wolverine' Costume Revealed!

The classic Yellow and Black Wolverine costume we all love was actually considered!

Many fans....I mean MANY fans number one complaint amongst many is the costumes used in X-Men franchise. How none of the characters have their classic looks from the comic book. Well, apparently at one point the classic Wolverine costume WAS made and considered before going with the leather suits seen in the films. This was going to be used in this summers The Wolverine:

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As a fan of Super Powered Beat Down. The fan shows that pits two support legends together to fight. They used their own Wolverine classic costume and it worked out perfectly. So why can't FOX? Now let me also point out their is still a rumor Logan wears his classic suit in X-Men: Days of Future Past but thats yet to be confirmed.

:: UPDATE :: - 
An Alternate ending of the film has been released online with the Classic Suit! Find it HERE

The Wolverine is in theaters now!

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