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Sunday, September 22, 2013

M.Night Thinks 'American Critcs' Just Don't Get 'The Last Airbender'

Newly unearthed interview has explaining why people didn't get The Last Airbender 

An un-earthed interview has popped up recently from the promotional tours of M.Night Shyamlans The Last Airbender. Yes, its a few years old but its actually recently released. Direct M.Night explains that American Critcs just didn't understand The Last Airbender or 'Get Him'. 

If some of you might remember Director M.Night Shyamalan tried to make a live-action adaptation of the hit Nick cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. He didn' bombed in the eyes of the crtics as well as die hard fans. From the wooden writing and inexperienced child actors to messy plot it just didnt go his way. Not to mention the whole Racebending controversy which personally didn't bother me but upset lots of Asian film groups 

This newly discovered interview via Slashfilm his him explaining that us Americans just don't get it:

:: Transcript ::
I don’t know what’s going on with me and the critics in the United States, I gotta tell you. Something’s going on.
They’ve never got me, and it’s getting worse. It’s almost like, go away. I also think I’m getting more, you know, influenced by other cultures more, as you could see from the movie. So I’m not doing like a straight-up American movie anymore. The tonalities are changing. I always had a European sensibility to my movies. The pacing is always a little bit off for them, and it feels a little stilted, and they need more electricity and all that stuff.
And I’m like, this is the way I think of things. ‘Cause, you know, Hitchcock and Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick, these are my teachers. So it could be a little bit of that, that there’s just a little bit of cultural difference. Just like on this movie, I’m very used to getting on a plane from the U.S., having been savaged by them, and then going to, like in this case, I went to Japan next, and then they’re like, “Genius!”
You can lose your mind a little bit, going on Saturday from being an idiot to Sunday being a genius. But it gives you perspective. But luckily for me, it’s not something I can fight. It’s not my fight to fight. I’m defenseless, it’s the audience, if they choose to fight for me, then they fight for me. And they have through my career, and I’m honored to have that relationship with them. And I’ll keep fighting for that relationship. And maybe, 20 years from now, I’ll get a good review, I’ll sit here together, and be like, “I got a good review! Woohoo!”

 Well it wasn't just the fans that hated the film. Co-Creator Bryan Kinetzko of the original Cartoon has personally shunned himself from the film entirely at one point. He and Mike DiMartino even went on to make a sequel to the original cartoon called The Legend of Korra which has yet again gotten rave reviews! Its currently in its second season on Nick!

Also, as one of the top up-n-coming filmmakers in the suspense industry has been  reduced down to not even getting promotional credit in his recent endeavor After Earth.

The fellas over at CinemaSins has also put together a new video showing everything wrong with The Last Airbender:

M.Night nexts venture is not in film but a TV show called Wayword Pines. Maybe just Maybe he can get back to his routes  and make some great thrillers wouldnt that be an M.Night Twist!

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