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Friday, September 27, 2013

REVIEW: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Pilot

MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD Episode #1 Review

I was totally skeptical about this show since it was first announced but when I read that Joss Whedon was helming the pilot, eh what the heck I’ll give a shot when it airs. 

Continuing the story from the Avengers, Agents of SHIELD tries to live up to the hype that last year’s blockbuster set in motion. Don’t get me wrong, it was an enjoyable episode but it’s seriously flawed. The most things I enjoyed out of the whole episode was the connection between the show and the MCU films (ex. Avengers, Iron Man 3).  Coulson’s resurrection was cheesy but I’m loving the mystery that surrounds his return, coughs “Life Model Decoy” coughs.  Cobie Smulders cameo as Maria Hill was one of the great moments of the Pilot. She brought a sense of continuity in the time she had on screen.  Whedon alum J August Richards  delivered a great performance, the monologue towards the end of the episode was an emotional one, Richards' character was more real then I thought and it made you relate to his plight. Bravo to the writing team.

Even though this was just the pilot, there are some things that need improving at this point. The show seems to be missing the "Whedon" gene, I get that this is a show by Marvel/Disney but let Joss Whedon put more of his nature into this show. 

Also, Bear McCreary's score is fantastic but when it blares louder than the dialogue during some scenes is a major problem.  

I love the idea of the Fitz/Simmons tag team duo but give them some dialogue that everyone can relate to. I get that they are tech savy and scientists but your audience isn’t. 

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD does contain the potential for something great. If used effectively with the MCU films, this show could stay on air for the foreseeable future.

I give this first episode of Agents of SHIELD an 80/100

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