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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Marvel Studios wants a Female-Lead Superhero Film Someday

Marvel Studios hopes to get a Female Superhero Film going someday!

Several months ago Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige revealed that Marvel has currently scripts being written for 'possible' projects including The Runways, Blade and Ms. Marvel! Now today ComingSoon spoke with director/producer Louis D'Esposito who pointed out that Marvel indeed would like a female lead superhero film someday!

"There's obviously a drumbeat that is banging louder and louder that we want a female lead superhero. We have strong female characters in our films from Black Widow to Pepper Potts to Peggy Carter and you never know. Maybe there's an offshoot film with one of them. Or Captain Marvel, you know?"

He goes onto say...

"It's hard, because we have a small group at Marvel. We do two films a year. To get those two films done and to do them right takes a lot of work and manpower. And female-power, obviously. To add a third film and to just put it in the slate right now is difficult. We have these next three, four, five films coming out and that's what we're really concentrating on."

Also Riddick actress Katee Sackhoff a month ago threw her name in for consideration to play Ms. Marvel well now Captain Marvel in a movie someday. So what do you guys think?!

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