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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Man of Steel' Screenwriter David Goyer Talks Video Game Movies

Seems David Goyer isn't to fond of Video Game Films

Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs Superman screenwriter David Goyer talks video game films with Digital Spy. He says that movies could never fully immerse someone into the storyline of a video game like video games already do. And honestly he is right. Their hasn't been any good video-game-films out their because something always gets lost in translation. This was the same for comic book movies in the 90's until now. Its only a matter of time before someone cracks the code:
“I think the reason is actually pretty simple: most good video games are about immersive environments. If it’s a first-person shooter you are the character. Most games, and this is changing, tend not to have strong characters. If you think about video games you think about how cool that level was, I did this or I did that. 

“You realise that if you’re adapting an environment or a milieu for film, a video game actually does a better job of it. A film will never do as good a job or immersive a job as the video game.”

He does go onto say that Ubisoft's and Michael Fassbenders upcoming Assassin's Creed movie could break the cycle of bad video game movies! He goes onto say that it has a rich story and a strong character development.

Assassin's Creed hits summer 2015!

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