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Saturday, September 21, 2013

J.J Abrams Doesn't 'Deny' Cumerbatch/Star Wars Rumors

 JJ Abrams neither Confirms or Denys the rumors about Benedict Cumerbatch

Ever since news broke last month about the possibility of Benedict Cumerbatch being in Star wars news outlets have freaked out on any sort of confirmation. Then the actor and his reps denied any such rumor. Then Latino-Review a few days ago came out with a new report that he is indeed in the movie! That his reps where just lying....just like he did with Khan in Star Trek into Darkness.

Now a reportor by the name Yvonne Villarreal from the LA Times decided to straight up ask the director herself.

This is no where near a confirmation but its certainly not a denial either. What do you guys think?!

Star Wars: Episode VII hits winter 2015

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