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Monday, September 23, 2013

Is It Possible Agent Coulson is in 'Thor: The Dark World'?!

Did Clark Gregg let slip a possible giant possible about the upcoming sequel Thor; The Dark World

During a recent interview with everyone's favorite Dead-Now-Alive Agent Coulson aka Clark Gregg talks about working with the great cast over at ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D then also talks about working with the cast of The Avengers...but he also let slip someone we haven't currently seem he act with?
As a veteran actor, how does it feel to be at the center of such an expansive universe?

Um, it’s awesome. I mean, you know, I’ve done plays where I was the lead. I’ve been in a couple of little movies where I was the lead, but you’re right. Usually, I come in a couple days a week and get to play with Robert Downey, or Chris Hemsworth, or Anthony Hopkins in these new movies, and how cool is it to be front and center, running the team? On the one hand, it’s kind of nervous-making. I kept kind of looking around for, you know, who was I supporting? And I realize it’s up to me. I have to do it. But again, I’ve been at it a while. And I enjoy it. I really relish taking on that role. I hope people have a connection with Phil Coulson and his journey, that they’re going to want to go on this ride.
 Now is it a simple mistake? And was he referencing the first Thor? Maybe. But Agent Coulson NEVER directly met with Odin Allfather aka Anthony Hopkins in Thor? Could this be a major slip up on Clark Greggs part for Thor: The Dark World?

:: Minor Update :: -
Its also been recently revealed that Joss Whedon had to himself rewrite several scenes in Thor: the Dark World as well as re-write the scripts for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...Could he have worked into the Agent Coulson Reborn plot somehow?! it Odin that brings Agent Coulson back to life?!  Only time will tell!

Thor: The Dark World hits this November

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