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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is Emma Stone & Academy Award Winner, Christoph Waltz Set To Star In Warner Bros' TARZAN?

Emma Stone, from
 Spider-Man to Jungle Man?
"Oh yeah." - Emma Stone, Easy A. I honestly felt that was the best way to open an article like this. If you know me very well, you'd know Emma Stone is my fictional wife. I take that back because it is mildly disturbing, but she is in fact one of the hottest female actresses' in Hollywood today. Earlier today, it was revealed that Academy Award Winner, Christoph Waltz is on Warner Bros' short list to play the main baddie in the upcoming live action remake of the iconic Ape Man, Tarzan. Waltz will play (if this rumour is in fact correct) a military figure who crosses path with the King of the Jungle. While it was previously rumoured that Jessica Chastain would play the role of 'Jane', that appears to have broken down as Variety reports that The Amazing Spider-Man star, Emma Stone is being courted for the role as we speak. Another young actress who is being eyed for the role is none other than Focus star, Margot Robbie. Not a bad cast. While none of this is FACT, yet, it is still lovely to hear rumours regarding such an iconic character as 'Tarzan'. The film currently has no release date, but it will be directed by Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince director, David Yates. The film is set to star True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard in the title role. The film currently has no release date, but once the studio snaps up Christoph Waltz and possibly Emma Stone, expect a release date to be announced VERY quickly. 

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