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Saturday, September 28, 2013

FOX Has Until Fall 2014 to Film 'The Fantastic Four' Before it Reverts

The time frame for Fantastic Four Revert has been revealed

Many have been wondering....Why has production begun on The Fantastic Four by Josh Trank?! According to a casting call earlier this year filming was scheduled to begin Mid-September 2013. Which means we should have had a confirmed cast by at least San Diego Comic Con this past July correct? Well whats the deal?!

We have heard several rumors the past year. from Alison Williams screen testing as Sue storm. Micheal B Jordon being considered as an African American Johnny Storm. Then some recent rumors like Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic. But none of have been cast and some of the rumors shot down by Trank himself.

Well some new information has popped up. Many have wondered if FOX doesn't get going on this reboot when will it revert back to Marvel Studios? Alot like Daredevil last a user by the name Walt Disney on the Box Office Forums has revealed when the contract is up: 

They need to begin filming a new Fantastic Four movie within 7 years after the last Fantastic Four movie was released. Meaning that they have until about early Fall 2014 to start filming. Once they begin filming, there are other dates that they have to meet. They can't just take 5 years to film the movie. However, the actual time that they have to release the film after filming begins remains a guarded secret by those in the know.
Fox can change the release date. They aren't locked into March 2015. However, what they must do is to begin filming within 7 years after the last FF film was released. Announcing release dates, changing release dates, announcing directors, or anything similar will not stop the FF from reverting. The only thing that will stop the clock is for filming to begin by Fall of 2014.
Well if this is true they have an entire year to get the cameras rolling before it reverts! Now some of you Marvel purists would love for the  for Marvel Studios to get back The First Family. But the reality is...just like Daredevil....Marvel Studios won't be able to make a Fantastic Four film until after Phase III at the earliest. So would you rather wait that far a Fantastic Four reboot?! Be honest.....Lets just hope FOX, Trank, Miller and Co can get going cause the time is running out....

The Fantastic Four its schedule to hit March 2015

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