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Friday, September 13, 2013

EDITORIAL: Top 10 Greatest Fan-Made Trailers Of All Time!

We have the top 10 greatest FAN-MADE trailers of All Time!

Fan-Made Mash Up trailers have become the 'thing' to make when waiting for a huge blockbuster to come out. Either fans take clips and music from other movies and put them together in a full length trailer. Or they put on an actual production of the movie into a fake trailer. Sometimes....these trailers are better then the actual movie!

Now we are going to show you some of the greatest mash-up trailers off all time.

#10 Assassins Creed by Hopper Productions
This fan trailer focuses on Micheal Fassbender as the title character Desmond when he enters the Animus. Currently over 100 Thousand Views on YouTube.

#9 -X-Men Origins: Deadpool by silverlightsaber
This trailer has Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. As we wait for FOX to green-light the Deadpool movie we are stuck with the 6 minutes of Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Luckily this fan has put together a fan trailer with Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth! Currently over 4 Million Views on YouTube.

#8 - Naruto by nigahiga
This is actually a parody live action trailer for Naruto. Shown during Geek Week on YouTube. Currently over 8 Million Views on YouTube.

#7 - Legend of Zelda by IGN
This trailer was so real many took it as an actual film. IGN put on the ultimate April Fools Prank by secretly uploading this full on production fan trailer for a live-action Legend of Zelda. Currently over 4 Million Views on YouTube.

 #6 Star Wars: Episode VII Mr88668866 This trailer mostly uses the cinematic trailers from Star Wars video games with voice over from Star Trek yet.....its perfect! Shows the entire feel of what the new star wars trilogy could be. Currently over 4 Million Views on YouTube.

 #5 - Mortal Kombat: Rebirth by Stone16395
This trailer fetures a dark, gritty live action take on Mortal Kombat Series. Warner Brothers was so impressed by this live action production they hired director @  to make his vision of Mortal Kombat into a web-series and maybe a future movie! Currently over 4 Million Views on YouTube. 

#4 - Pokemon: Apokelypse by Megasteakman
This was yet another fan-trailer joke. A quick 15 second clip was 'leaked' online by the creators for this Dark, Gritty Pokemon live action movie. It spread so fast people thought it was real but was actually a fan trailer put together by a bunch of college students. Currently over 11 Million Views on YouTube.

#3 - Batman vs Superman by solyentbrak1
After the announcement that we will be getting the first ever Batman vs Superman live action movie fans have been ecstatic. Now that we have our Batman as Ben Affleck a fan put together this fan mash-up trailer will Afflck as Batman and Cavill as Superman. Also adds Bryan Cranston as the evil Lex Luthor. In 2 weeks over 2 Million Views on YouTube.

#2 - Green Lantern by jaronpitts
This trailer has Nathan Fillion in the lead as Hal Jordon. With some FX added from the team who made this trailer as well. Currently has over 7 Million views on YouTube. 

#1 - Eterna by
This Fan trailer mashes 99 movies together into one epic trailer!

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