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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

EDITORIAL: How 'Gotham PD' Will Be All About Villians; Connecting to 'Arrow'

With Gotham Police Department TV Series Coming to FOX do you really think it'll only be about Gordon?

Yesterday, Warner Bros and FOX announced that Gotham PD or Gotham Central will be coming to TV in a new Cop Drama. It originally hit over at Think Mckfly Think that it would take place between the times of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Even though they got the show correct it will not take place in the Nolan Universe. It will be a prequel focusing on a young Jim Gordon and the 'Villains that made Gotham, Famous'.

Now do you really think that it will be like Law & Order type crime drama focusing on only the cops? Of course not! This is DC's way of getting the greatest heroes rouge gallery out there in a way that doesn't actually show Batman on TV. The villains are also the thing that may connect this prequel to the Arrow/Flash Universe on The CW!

Lets look at the Arrow Universe all the villains are based on a grounded version of their comic counterparts. Some of the villains that have showed up in the Arrow universe are actually Batman villains that happen to be in Starling City. This is the thing that will connect the two shows together.

Deathstroke - Played by Manu Bennett in Arrow
So far we have only seen Slade Wilson as the trainer behind Oliver Queen on the Island. What don;t know his full motives but we do know he will eventually become Deathstroke the Terminator. One of Batman top villains. They may use him in Gotham PD as the villain Deathstroke before he gets thrown on the island with Oliver on Arrow. That means he has to have been captured somehow i.e Gotham Police.

Deadshot - Played by Michael Rowe on Arrow
Deadshot has shown up on several episodes of Arrow as a mercenary sniper. What leads him from Gotham to Starling City is semi-unknown. We do know his special kind of poison laced bullet is the same bullet that killed Diggles brother in the military. They may use Deadshot in this Gotham PD prequel being sent to Afghanistan  and being ordered to kill Diggle's brother.

This season on Arrow will introduce the League of Assassins. Most of this is unknown on what they will do to affect on the Arrow universe. But we do know the League of Assassins/Shadows and Ra's Al Ghul is a direct advisory of Batman as well.

With Gotham PD focusing on the villains we may get a better look at such famous villains like The Riddler, Penguin, Two Face even or Black Mask These kinds of villains don't have powers and could easily be implemented in the Gotham PD universe. Even make them look a lot like how they are in the Arkham Video Games!

You may ask yourself? "If this is a prequel it can't be connected to the Arrow/Flash Universe since that is current take on those heroes also Gotham won't have powered beings" This is all true. But we do know Barry Allen won't become Flash until the end of Season 2. Which is 2 years after Oliver comes back from the island. All WB would need to do is set Gotham PD before Oliver Queen gets shipped wreaked then goes missing for 4 years. Then make some sort of news report reference of the Queens Gambit being shipwrecked. This would connect Gotham PD with Arrow while leaving Gotham PD the chance to do it's own thing without 'superheroes' or super powered beings. 

What about Jim Gordon? Yes, we all know people want Bryan Cranston but this will take place when he may still be a city cop or even a detective not the commissioner we know him as. This will give a new up and coming actor a chance to play one of Batman's most trusted ally but he won't be needed for Batman vs Superman since that's way down the timeline.

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