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Saturday, December 14, 2013

'X-Men' Franchise X-Timeline Finally Revealed

Have you ever wondered what the chronically of all the X-Men films are? We have the run down of all starting from X-Men 1 and ending with X-Men: Days of Future Past:

1845: Logan, then James Howlett’s, powers manifest and he and Victor go on the run.

1944: Eric Lensherr’s powers manifest in a concentration camp in  Austria.

1955: Charles Xavier meets Eric Lensherr at the age of 17. Lensherr is approximately 22 (assuming he’s about 12 in 1944).

 1962: X-Men: First Class events take place, introduction of the X-men and the Hellfire Club.

1973: X-Men Days Of Future Past (Alternative Past)

1975: Logan and Victor are “killed” by firing squad in Vietnam.

1979: Logan is part of Stryker’s Weapon X team.

1985: The end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
- Logan is on the run “for 15 years” until the start of 2000’s X-Men.
- Scott Summers and the rest of the kids are found by Charles Xavier in the fall of 1985.
- Kayla Silverfox is “murdered” by Victor and Logan undergoes Weapon X procedure.
- Scott Summers powers manifest during spring of 1985 at the age of 17.

1986: Jean Grey is recruited by Eric and Charles when she is 14.

1988: Ororo Munroe’s powers manifest at the age of 12.

1995: Warren Worthington III’s mutant powers manifest.

2000: Jimmy “Leach” is found by Worthington Labs as the key to create a cure to the mutant “X” gene. They begin work on “The Cure”.

2002: The X-men (Cyclops, Storm, Jean and Logan) first face Magneto at Liberty Island.
- Wolverine joins the X-men.
- A mutant registration act is proposed by Senator Kelly.

2003: Mutants go public.
- Nightcrawler’s attack on the president
- William Stryker dies.
- Pyro joins the Brotherhood.
- Jean Grey is killed.

2005: Worthington Labs perfects its cure for the “X” Gene and announces it to the world
- Scott Summers is killed.
- Jean Grey returns as the Phoenix.
- Beast rejoins the X-men.
- Magneto and Mystique are cured of their powers.
- Charles Xavier is killed.
- The Phoenix and Jean Grey are killed.
- Beast is promoted to an Ambassador of the U.N.
- Magneto begins to regain some of his powers
- Charles Xavier transported his consciousness into another body.

2013: The Wolverine travels to Japan.

2023: X-Men: Days Of Future Past dystopian future (Alternate X-Men: Apocalypse dystopian future) 

:: Plot Holes ::
1960's Emma Frost (X-Men: First Class) and 1980's Emma (X-Men Origins) are two different individuals or Emma Frost is Emma's and Kayla's mother.

 Victor Creed (X-Men Origins) takes a type of human growth hormone to become Sabertooth (X-Men)

Young Charles (X-Men: First Class) loses his legs but Professor Xaiver (X-Men: The Last Stand, Origins) can project himself walking into others head.

::Thanks to Robin91939 of Superhero Hype! Forums for the Help ::

Original X-Trilogy is on DVD; The Wolverine is in Theaters; X-Men: Days of Future Past hits in May

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