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Thursday, August 15, 2013

WB Reps "Declined to Comment" Christan Bale 'Batman' Story

WB "No Comments" Bale back as 'Batman' story instead of simply saying "No"

Another day, Another Batman rumor. Literally this has been going on ever since Comic Con. Everyday a new name pops up for the role of the Caped Crusader or another "Christan Bale is Back" rumor hits. Now last week a rumor hit from that Christan Bale was offered $50 Million to reprise the role of Batman in Superman vs Batman. It was quickly debunked and misquoted from an e-book that  purely speculated  that Bale should return if he was offered $50 Million but no such deal happend. 

Now something interesting about the story has come to light. EW reached out to Warner Bro's about the story and instead of declining Bale coming back like they have been for months (More like since The Dark Knight Rises) they "Declined to Comment". Now thats interesting? After months of flat out saying "No, Bale will not be returning" this time its "No Comment". Weird huh?

"It could mean anything or nothing though" as EW put it. On the bright side.....Earlier today Orlando Bloom took himself out of the running for Batman!

Batman vs Superman hits Summer 2015

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