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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vin Diesel Cast as Groot in 'Guradians of the Galaxy'

Will Marvel Studios be sending Vin Diesel into space with the Guardians ?

The rumors of who Vin Diesel is playing have been running rampt the past YEAR. Ever since he posted a picture of Vision on his official Facebook Page. Then back in June stated he had a secret meeting with Marvel Studios about a potential role. He then took a picture with The Avengers #2 and made a remark about getting tunnel "Vision" during the meeting. So he is Vision right? Nope.....

Today Vin Diesel made his cover photo a picture of Groot on his Facebook page. The only real reason its plausible he is Groot and not Vision, Thanos ect ect. Is he doesn't have the time to be cast in a  live-action role for Marvel. Just last week Diseal signed on for 'World's Most Wanted' as well as Fast and Furious 7 all to film next year. He also needs to go onto promotion tour for Riddick this September so logically the man can;t be cast as in a live action role. So the claim of Groot is very plausible. All he has to do is go in and record himself saying "I Am Groot" about a dozen different ways for a couple days and be done.

He also stated he was bringing a "Different" kind of relationship to Marvel Studios alot like Letty and Dom. Most assumed this was a "love" relationship....but what about the relationship between Groot and Rocket Raccoon? Diesel is also known for his voice work on the Iron Giant.

:: Vin Diesel as The Iron Giant ::

:: Update :: -

It has since been confirmed by Deadline that Diesel will be voicing Groot. Groot only says "I Am Groot" to everyone (Audience Included) beside the ones who can hear his actual voice.

What do you guys think?

:: Source :: -  Facebook|Vin Diesel

Guardians of the Galaxy hits Summer 2014

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