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Thursday, August 29, 2013

TRANSFORMERS 4 News Round Up: Dinobots Confirmed, 'Remember Chicago' Propaganda & Kelsey Grammer Spotted!

We are not the only ones in Transformers fever. As the epic saga continues on the big screen, the toy sales of the beloved franchise have increased dramatically. One robot team we have been pleading for since 2009's Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen was the Dinobots. Well fanboys and fangirls, you wanted it and now we have them! The Dinobots have been confirmed for 2014's Transformers 4. A Toy's 'R' Us spread sheet leaked online yesterday, the spread sheet all but confirmed the Dinobots, while the spread sheet has sadly been taken down, it's still nice to know that the Dinobots are coming which means one thing... Michael Bay is listening to fans... Or he likes dinosaurs. Probably the latter. 

Wrapping up this awesome news run, is two new set videos from Chicago. These two set vids highlight the 'Remember Chicago' propaganda (Chicago was the setting of the final battle in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon), and we also found a video showcasing Kelsey Grammer's character on set of Transformers 4.

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