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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Emperor Will Return to 'Star Wars' but not as a Clone Tropper

If Ian McDirmaid Returns to the Star Wars universe it won't be a Clone

Earlier this week we reported that there was rumor that Ian McDirmid was returning in Star Wars 7. Nothing has been confirmed  but according to Latino-Review he is indeed coming back...but not as a clone like previously thought:

Palpatine comes back as a Force Obi Wan. (Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.)

Again this is all rumored until proven otherwise...

 The source went on to tell Latino-Review that nothing from the script are from the expanded universe....The characters may be but not the storyline.

:: Spoiler ::
Palpatine had another apprentice before he got killed.
Why would the clone be an old emperor? Go look at some of the old Dark Horse Comics. They cloned the emperor in those comics. Why would they repeat that? Why bring the emperor back to life? That would just be stupid as all hell.
Sorry to geek fans who made up their own world but it just is NOT how it is.
Once again not going by any books. Not one thing they have in the script is from a book.

I guess Vader wasn't the only one with a secret Apprentice

 Star Wars Episode VII hits summer 2015

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