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Sunday, August 4, 2013

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Producers' Are Fans Of 'Venom'; Would They Include Him In A Sequel?

IGN recently caught up with producing duo, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman. The two are behind such films as Transformers, Star Trek & it's popular sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. It was announced a few years back that the duo would unite with Marc Webb and write the highly anticipated sequel. Revealing some new information regarding which villains the duo would use (if they had their way) in the following sequels to next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2
"We're fans of Venom, Venom is an amazing character. Venom is a brilliant character, Part of what's interesting about Venom is that Venom can do all of the things that Spider-Man can't do, in a lot of ways. And I don't know, I guess that's why I respond to him." When asked if they had discussed the idea with director Marc Webb & Sony, Orci replied "Well, we keep writing fan letters saying help us out, but we haven't had any responses yet,"
With such news, would you be interested to see 'Venom' appear in a Spider-Man sequel? You can catch Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-Ray and DVD this september and you can witness The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when it swings into theatres April 17th next year. For all the latest in Spider-Man news, I'm Roby D'Ottavi.

Source: IGN

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