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Friday, August 23, 2013

Stan 'The Man' Lee Will NOT Cameo In X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Well this sucks. Earlier today Stan 'The Man' Lee revealed that he will not have a cameo appearance in next year's X-Men: Days Of Future Past. This does come as a surprise, well to me at least. Considering how huge this film will most likely be, you'd think Stan would cameo. As it turns out, Stan was offered a chance to shoot a cameo, but apparently Stan rejected the offer and went to a Montreal comic book festival instead. Stan said “I have bad news for you. I was supposed to be in Montreal today, doing the cameo for X-men…the new X-Men movie. But I said, ‘No, I’m going to visit my friends in Toronto instead.'"
This is not the first time a Fox film has left Stan out of the film entirely. This year's The Wolverine was meant to have a Stan cameo, as was X-Men: First Class. Now I'm not sure if Stan isn't a fan of Fox in general, or he just doesn't want to shoot a cameo. But nevertheless, that's one less cast member to an already packed cast. How do you feel about the 'X-Men' co-creator not receiving a cameo in Days Of Future Past? The film is set to hit theatres everywhere, May 23rd, 2014. 


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