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Sunday, August 11, 2013

UPDATE: Jim Carrey To Appear In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Franchise? JimCarrey Spotted On Set In March!

Jim Carrey is one of Hollywood's greatest gems. You add his name to anything, and it'll make money. You see studios love it when an actor can do something like that. Jim Carrey is the latest actor to be rumoured for a role in the upcoming sequel/franchise. With no indication as to when Jim will appear, one can assume he may have a cameo in the second TASM film, set to hit theatres next year. That is if this rumour is legit. Thanks to Seven Webheads we have found something very interesting, a user on the Superhero Hype Forums revealed that a family member did in fact work on next year's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The user says 
Ran into a family member on the subway in New York. Anyways, he mentions that he'd worked on TASM2. He said how Jamie Foxx gives an excellent performance and then he mentions something in passing, that didn't mean much to him, since he's not part of any kind of fan stuff. He mentioned that another well-known actor was on the set. The actor is someone who hasn't been mentioned in connection with this film. So I asked what said actor was doing in the film, and the guy said who he was playing. While I'm not going to  say who it was, I'll just say there are more characters in this film than has been discussed.
A few pages down however, the actor was revealed. The user says, Jim Carrey was spotted on set and has been kept a secret from everyone online. Now, this is no confirmation that Jim Carrey is in the film. This is merely another online rumour that could have 0 fact to it. Kinda like the Green Goblin having an 'Iron Man' costume in the movie, with spiky green hair remember that? Ah, good times. But let's pretend this rumour is 100% legit and Jim Carrey is in the film, who would he play? One character fans have been rooting for ever since Ravencroft prison was announced to appear in the new film, is Venom spawn, Carnage. Could Jim Carrey be the man to play 'Carnage'? Heck maybe Jim is J. Jonah Jameson! Again, and I cannot express this enough, this is a rumour. Nothing as of now, has been confirmed. Be sure to check back to SMN for all the latest on this interesting rumour! 

A Twitter user called DannypBrowne vistited the set back in March. During that date, the cast and crew were filming some scenes from Ravencroft. Now, a photo has appeared online that was taken on set (from what we are being told). This photo clearly shows Jim Carrey. Now for all we know, this guy could be lying, but I'm going to take his word for it because it sounds amazing. As you can see from the image below, Danny says that Jim was on set of the film and all signs point towards a crazed mad man who goes by the name of Cletus Cassidy. Be sure to check back to SMN for all the latest!  

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