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Friday, August 23, 2013

RUMOR: Ben Affleck Working Out Two Hours A Day For 'Batman' Role; Apparently He Has Been Offered "Huge" Contract

Holy workout Batman! Well, these past two days have been some of the best days to be a comic book fan and a 'Batman' fan in general. With fantastic news regarding a July 15th release date for Batman Vs. Superman, we also found out that former 'Daredevil' actor, Ben Affleck will play The Dark Knight in the 2015 blockbuster. A source has told Us Weekly that Ben Affleck (41) has already begun training for the role. The source reveals that Affleck has been working out for two hours everyday and is on a very compact diet in order to get ready for the huge role. While this could well be true as the first rumour regarding Ben Affleck and anything Batman related began in February when he was being courted to direct Justice League. Affleck is the father of 3 kids, so you gotta admit being those kids would be pretty cool, not only was your dad 'Daredevil' but not he's 'Batman' as well

Another bit of interesting news regarding Affleck's casting, earlier today I was notified that Affleck has signed a contract that is described as "huge"; I was told the contract for Affleck is like Downey Jr's first contract with Marvel after Iron Man. With these bits of news, are you a little more excited to see Affleck portray The Dark Knight? Or are you still on the fence? 

Batman Vs. Superman is set to hit theatres everywhere July 15th, 2015.

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