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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pokemon Origins Japanese TV Series Trailer [HD]

We are going back to the origins of Pokemon.....but it isn't with Ash Ketchum

The TV anime Pokemon and the video game series Pokemon have always gone hand-in-hand but they never directly took stories from each other especially Ash Ketchmen and Pikachu (Beside Pokemon Yellow). Some might not know that Pokemon Red and Blue where assumed to be based of Ash and Gary from the TV series....this seems not to be the case. 

We are going back to the origins with this brand new Japanese TV Series trailer for Pokemon Origins following Red and Blues rivalry adventures from the video games! It does seem to feature Brock as a Gym Leader of Pewter City and assuming Misty as well back in the Kanto Region....check it:

This must be a good thing since apparently after 20 years Ash has never grown older then 13 years of age and never even beat the Elite lets start over.

The series is only about to hit Japan this fall so expect a year or two before it comes to the States.

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