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Saturday, August 3, 2013

'Parks & Recreation' Star Aubrey Plaza Says "I Want To Be A Superhero"

Funny girl, Aubrey Plaza recently discussed what's left on her Hollywood 'to-do list', the actress reveals that she would love to play a Superhero. The star of NBC's Parks & Recreation has gone on record before to discuss such a topic. Aubrey Plaza is no stranger to comic book movies as her Parks & Rec co-star, Chris Pratt is set to play Star-Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Plaza also stared in 2010's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, in the interview Plaza names heroes such as Wonder Woman and Catwoman. Plaza also reveals her ultimate superhero play? which stars Nicolas Cage as Batman, you can read on below! 
“I really got a taste of doing some physical comedy in The To Do List and I really want to do that more, whatever kind it is. Maybe some action…superhero comedy. If they would have me, please Marvel. I want to be a superhero, that’s definitely on my to-do list.” Plaza then discussed what her Ultimate superhero play would be, "I want to be Catwoman someday. Don’t laugh at me—I can do it. I want to remake Halle Berry’s Catwomanand star in it. Please let me. That movie is amazing,” she joked, adding, “I want to do a play. I don’t care about awards, but I do want to do a play. A well-respected play. I want to do a staged Broadway version ofCatwoman that’s directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman where Nicolas Cage plays Batman. Please let’s do it now.”
So would you fancy seeing Aubrey Plaza in a superhero role any time soon? You can catch Aubrey Plaza on Parks & Recreation and in the upcoming comedy film, The To Do List

Source: EW

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